New to St. John’s: Workplace Mindfulness…A weekly mindfulness training program for everyone in your organization, from leaders to front-line staff. The program consists of nine 1 1/2-hour weekly sessions and a 2-hour intensive for the capstone session at the end. Workplace Mindfulness features training in key mindfulness practices, contextualizing the practices within the work environment, and exploring potential impacts on day-to-day workplace issues.

The program includes:

  • The Business Case for Mindfulness
  • Core Practices for Developing Mindful Awareness
  • Attention in the Age of Digital Distraction
  • Seeing the Big Picture, Beyond the Details
  • The Power of Pausing
  • Responding Instead of Reacting
  • Building Respectful Relationships
  • Navigating Stress and Uncertainty
  • Joining Vision and Practicality
  • Capstone Session: Tying It All Together

This program was first conducted with staff and faculty at Memorial University in Fall/Winter 2015.

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Workplace Mindfulness provides training in the skillful use of mindfulness tools and methods that can be used to address the most difficult circumstances in your professional or personal life. When you are feeling highly stressed, overwhelmed, distracted, or overcome with doubts, mindfulness practice reveals a fresh perspective that invites resourcefulness and clarity. Learning to “hold one’s seat” cultivates steadiness–even in the midst of chaos. You are less affected by second-guesses, self-criticism, and hesitation, and are better able to move forward with confidence and integrity when action is required.

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Workplace Mindfulness Pre Evaluation Form
Workplace Mindfulness Post Evaluation Form

To inquire about the Workplace Mindfulness program: (709) 722-2716

Andrew wrote the article,“Right Here, Right Now”,for Progress Magazine, Halifax, August 2014

Mindfulness and Safety

This 2-hour workshop presents mindfulness as a means of developing moment-to-moment attention and situational awareness among staff. Key principles of organizational mindfulness are referenced.

To inquire about this workshop: (709) 722-2716