Enhanced Development of the Graduate Experience (EDGE)

A workshop for graduate students at Memorial University:

"Building Professional Resilience Through Mindfulness"

with Andrew Safer and Janna Rosales, PhD

  Thursday, September 17 from 1:00 to 2:15

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Workplace Mindfulness Program for Engineers & Geoscientists

A partnership between the Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of Newfoundland and Labrador (PEGNL); Dr. Janna Rosales, Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science, Memorial University; and Andrew Safer / Safer Mindfulness. Funded through an Accelerator grant, Memorial University.

June 16 - July 17, 1:00 - 2:00 pm via Zoom

"Professional Resilience Through Mindfulness Training"

Session #1: Stress, Uncertainty & Mindfulness

Session #2: How Mindfulness Can Support Innovation & Problem-Solving

Session #3: Building Respectful Relationships with Mindfulness

Session #4: Upending Digital Distraction

"Mindfulness in a COVID-19 world: Meditation movement with Buddhist roots more important than ever"

Article in The Telegram, June 2, 2020

Andrew Safer conducting a Mindfulness session on Zoom.

Mindfulness and Professional Resilience

Andrew Safer of Safer Mindfulness and Dr. Janna Rosales (Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science, Memorial University) presented on "How to Build Professional Resilience Through Mindfulness Training" on April 24. The workshop was organized by Professional Engineers & Geoscientists of Newfoundland & Labrador (PEGNL).

Attendees included engineers and geoscientists from the private sector and government, and Memorial University engineering students.

"Memorial University has partnered with PEGNL to conduct a free webinar on how to build professional resilience through mindfulness training."  

How Mindfulness Can Help

During the Pandemic

CBC Radio's Heather Barrett interviewed Andrew Safer for Canada AM, which aired on Saturday, April 4th. It's the last segment in this podcast (click on "30&arrow at bottom of screen to fast forward).

First Mindfulness Program for Depression

Offered in partnership with Canadian Mental Health Association--Newfoundland and Labrador, "Mindfulness for Depression" was launched on April 14th, using the Zoom for Healthcare platform (end-to-end encrypted). For details, see below.

Winter Mindfulness Retreat

Next "Anxiety, Stress & Mindfulness"

Workshop Series...

Anxiety Relief Project Facebook-Live Talk

NLASW Book Review

This review was published in Connecting Voices, the newsletter of the Newfoundland and Labrador Association of Social Workers

Anxiety, Stress & Mindfulness

Workshops starting September 25th

Summer Meditation Retreat 2019

A good time was had by all!  Day 3 of a 7-day retreat at the Conception Bay Renewal Centre, Conception Harbour, NL: July 19-26                                                                              Photo: Courtesy, Dan Walker

At the end of the retreat...

Photo: Courtesy, Sarah Hansen

Mindfulness Training Helps People in Addictions Recovery

The "Mindfulness in Recovery" 7-week workshop series completed on June 25th. Rob Wadman-Scanlan (below left) is the clinical social worker who attended our online sessions and provided support to folks, as needed. Andrew Safer (below right) gave mindfulness instruction and guidance, presented on the weekly topics, and facilitated the sessions.

Participants found the program especially helpful in learning how to deal with stress, urges and cravings, and troubling emotions, and relating to thoughts and feelings in a new way.

This "Mindfulness in Recovery" series was a partnership between Canadian Mental Health Association-Newfoundland and Labrador, Safer Mindfulness, and the Department of Children, Seniors and Social Development, with funding support from the Department of Health and Community Services.

The next workshop series is "Anxiety, Stress & Mindfulness", a free 12-week online workshop series beginning in late September.

Mindfulness Workshop for Engineers

“How Engineers Can Enhance Professional Development with Mindfulness Practice”, a 2-hour workshop, was co-presented by Andrew Safer and Dr. Janna Rosales, Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science, Memorial University, with Renato Rodrigues, graduate student in Humanities and Social Sciences, in the Boardroom of the Engineering Building at Memorial on June 20th. Present were engineers from companies and organizations in St. John’s and graduate engineering students.

Summer Retreat 2019

How Engineers Can Enhance Professional Development

with Mindfulness Practice

Join mindfulness instructor Andrew Safer and facilitator Dr. Janna Rosales (Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science, Memorial University) who will guide you through a basic mindfulness practice with discussion and reflection on the ways that mindfulness can support your professional growth and development.

Thursday, June 20. For details, click here.


W.I.S.E. Mindfulness

Dr. Janna Rosales, Renato Rodriguez, and Andrew Safer presented "How Mindfulness Can Support Your Work and Study" to Women in Science and Engineering graduate students in process, electrical, and civil engineering, and science at Memorial University on May 22nd.


Presenting on Workplace Mindfulness at Memorial

We had just presented on "Working Mindfully: Helping Work Placement Students Hone Attention and Reflection", May 1st at Memorial University's Teaching and Learning Conference 2019.

Left to Right: Renato Rodriguez, graduate student in Philosophy who attended our 10-week Workplace Mindfulness program; Dr. Janna Rosales, Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science; and Andrew Safer, Mindfulness instructor and workshop facilitator.


In Recovery from an Addiction?

Mindfulness Training Can Help!!

Anxiety, Stress & Mindfulness: Spring Workshop Series

Begins April 23rd

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Mindfulness for Engineering Students

This program for Engineering students at Memorial University (mostly graduate, and from around the world--from Kenya to El Salvador) completed April 2nd.



Podcast: Sandy Joy Weston and Andrew Safer


When Philadelphia-based fitness coach extraordinaire Sandy Joy Weston conducts an interview, her enthusiasm knows no bounds. Sandy's mission is to spread joy wherever she goes, and she succeeded here! (And there are lots of other places we could send her.)

Andrew Safer speaks with Sandy Weston about mindfulness, meditation, young people's anxiety, and being kind to ourselves on her show, "Let's Keep It Real". It was an honour. Enjoy!




Anxiety, Stress & Mindfulness: A Do-It-Yourself Guide to Wellness was reviewed in the April issue of Mindful magazine!


On February 19th, Andrew's article, "Slipping on the Ice of Thoughts" was published on the Anxiety Relief Project web site.




This hardy bunch gathered for a photo on February 16th!





(L to R) Dr. Janna Rosales, Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science, Memorial University;Vashti Campbell, PhD Candidate, Faculty of Medicine; and Andrew Safer of Safer Mindfulness, Mindfulness Instructor and Trainer

To read the article "Being Present" by Jackey Locke published in the Gazette on January 23rd, click here.

Three groups of undergraduate and graduate students from seven disciplines received mindfulness training in a workplace context in 2017 and 2018 through a project funded by Memorial's Teaching and Learning Framework. Each group met for one-and-a-half-hour weekly sessions for 10 weeks. The project was led by Dr. Janna Rosales, Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science. Andrew Safer of Safer Mindfulness developed and presented the Workplace Mindfulness program.

Two sets of evaluations were conducted: Safer Mindfulness' which was tailored to the program, and three questionnaires administered by the Memorial University research team. To view a one-page summary of the Safer Mindfulness evaluation, click here.

To view the full evaluation report including evaluation form, click here.



"Anxiety, Stress & Mindfulness" LIFE SCHOOL 101 TV  

An interview with Andrew Safer by CATV co-hosts Mary Adams and Linda Carbino



This six-session workshop series will meet in person at CHANNAL...


There's nothing like two and a half days of sitting and walking meditation! (of course, with coffee breaks, meals, etc.) There was a lot of heart. The Presentation Sisters Retreat House, in a secluded spot in St. John's, is the perfect venue. The retreat took place November 23rd through 25th.


On October 31, Andrew Safer conducted a two-hour mindfulness workshop for Child Care Services staff in the Department of Education building on Strawberry Marsh Road in St. John's. The training was focused on "Mindfulness—Personal Practices for Managing Workplace Pressure and Stress". Afterwards, participants purchased copies of Anxiety, Stress & Mindfulness: A Do-It-Yourself Guide to Wellness. Below: Andrew Safer with Kelly Piercey, Social Worker, Child Care Services, Department of Education.



(For detailed information, including the session themes, click here.)

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