Mindfulness Training: An Inside Job!


Safer Mindfulness instruction and training helps us get to know our own mind: the narrator in our head, the relentless parade of thoughts, our reactivity, the habitual ways we do things, our moods, preoccupations, and our tendency to shy away from difficulties, as well as our insights, moments of clarity and non-busyness...the bubbling stew that is the richness of our life.

Through this practice--which can be done anywhere, anytime--we develop a way of being that is rooted in sanity and simplicity.

Key to Mindfulness Training is the meditation instruction and guidance that sets us on the path of practice, helps us through our initial obstacles, and encourages us to keep going. But the most important part of the training is our own exertion as we become familiar with the practice of meditation, and discover the heart of mindfulness.

Safer Mindfulness Specializes in Multi-Week Applied Mindfulness Training Programs

  • Typically, but not exclusively, 1.5-hr. weekly sessions (5 to 12 weeks)
  • We introduce mindfulness in the context of addictions, anxiety and stress, workplace, etc.
  • Presentations, discussions in pairs and in the group, and Q&A
  • “Homework”: Mindfulness practice and readings
  • Meet via Zoom video conferencing—join from any location--or in person

Click here for Program descriptions and evaluation outcomes. 

The next program is “Anxiety, Stress & Mindfulness”, a 12-week workshop series, beginning in late September 2019—restricted to residents of Newfoundland and Labrador.

In June 2018, Andrew Safer's Mindfulness book was published by 2nd Tier Publishing.

Weekly Mindfulness Group

Every Monday night, our mindfulness group meets at The Lantern, 35 Barnes Road (Oak Room, 2nd Floor). Everyone is welcome: no experience is required.

(The exception is on statutory holidays, The Lantern is closed and we meet elsewhere. Contact us in advance for the location.)

Arrive at 7:00 pm for a 7:15 pm start: sitting and walking meditation practice, and discussion.

Newcomers: e-mail us to arrange to meet at 6:30 pm for mindfulness-awareness meditation instruction.

There is no fee. Contributions towards rent are gratefully accepted.

Safer Mindfulness workshops and training combine 50 years of experience in mindfulness practice with 25 years in mindfulness instruction, program development, and workshop facilitation.

Providing instruction and training in applying ancient wisdom and methods to address everyday challenges with clarity and resourcefulness

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