Whether anxiety and stress are from workplace issues like the uncertainty of fast-moving change, personal issues like discomfort in social situations, or a general uneasiness, Mindfulness Training introduces a path towards health and wellness.

Mindfulness practice trains your attention and orients you to the present moment, non-judgmentally.

In Asia, it has a 2,500+-year history. In the West, people have embraced mindfulness for mental health and wellness for several decades.

This sampling of studies shows its effectiveness for anxiety, stress, and depression.

Coming Up

In the upcoming webinar, Andrew Safer, Founder, Safer Mindfulness Inc. of St. John’s, will introduce the practice of mindfulness, and how it can help us develop a healthy relationship to thoughts, feelings, and emotions, and take charge of anxiety and stress. Your own questions and comments will shape the rest of our time together.

Developing a regular practice is key to unlocking the power of mindfulness. We will explore how multi-week programs facilitate this.

Workshop Series

A week after the webinar, Andrew will begin presenting his Zoom-based 6-week “Anxiety, Stress & Mindfulness” workshop series in late afternoon/evening sessions (depending on your location) for those who would like to take a deep dive into how Mindfulness Training can make a difference in their lives. He will prioritize developing an ongoing mindfulness practice. The sessions will focus on:

  1. Getting to Know Anxiety
  2. Mindfulness & Mindfulness-in-Everyday-Life
  3. Upending Self-Sabotage Through Kindness
  4. Understanding Stress: The Power of Pausing
  5. Interrupting Rumination
  6. Digital Distraction: Mindfulness Meets the Internet

For further details, visit: www.safermindfulness.com

Participants will receive a copy of Andrew’s e-book, Anxiety, Stress & Mindfulness: A Do-It-Yourself Guide to Wellness.


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Andrew Safer has been practicing mindfulness for 55 years, and has been an authorized instructor for 30 years. He specializes in developing and presenting applied mindfulness programs for the workplace, resiliency. anxiety and stress, depression, addictions, suicidal thoughts, and climate anxiety.

Andrew began offering multi-week mindfulness workshops through the Archdiocese of St. John’s in 2010, and has led a weekly meditation group since 2011. His next book, Mindfulness for the Workplace, will be published this Spring.


Safer Mindfulness’ “Anxiety, Stress & Mindfulness” workshop series is now in its eleventh year. In a study conducted by Memorial University researchers, 40 participants of this program showed an average 40 percent improvement in outcomes, from beginning to end of an 8-week program (see link below).

“Navigating Anxiety and Stress Through Mindfulness” Outcomes Report


Phone: (709) 722-2716 Text: (709) 771-6908  Email: andrew@safermindfulness.com