“Anxiety, Stress & Mindfulness”:
A 12-Week Workshop Series

18-25 year olds: Wednesdays, 7:00 – 8:30 pm, Sept. 25 – Dec. 11
Over 25: Thursdays, 7:30 – 9:00 pm, Sept. 26 – Dec. 12

Session 1: You Can’t Do It Wrong (Mindfulness-Awareness Meditation)
Session 2: Getting to Know Anxiety Instead of Running Away From It
Session 3: Where the Rubber Meets the Road: Mindfulness-Awareness Practice
Session 4: Turning Our Habits on End
Session 5: Birthright of Goodness
Session 6: Treating Ourselves and Others with Kindness
Session 7: Digital Distraction: Mindfulness Meets the Internet
Session 8: Mindfulness in Everyday Life
Session 9: Stress: Exploring Thoughts and Beliefs
Session 10:
 Self-Centeredness and the Big Picture
Session 11: “Me” Is the Culprit
Session 12: Fear and Fearlessness: Facing What Is

We will meet by Zoom video conferencing, so participants will connect from home. This is 100% live video and audio (no watching videos or computer-based training).

The sessions include: Check in, instruction, guidance, and practice mindfulness-awareness meditation and other mindfulness practices, debrief, presentation on a theme, discussion one-on-one and/or in the group, and Q&A.

Presenter: Andrew Safer — https://safermindfulness.com/about/andrew-safer/
Anxiety, Stress & Mindfulness: A Do-It-Yourself Guide to Wellness — https://safermindfulness.com/product/anxiety-stress-mindfulness-a-do-it-yourself-guide-to-wellness/
Program Evaluation Outcomes — https://safermindfulness.com/outcomes/