Mindful Listening Worksheet
© Andrew Safer 2022


– Still the impulsive voice when someone else is talking
– Respect the other person while they are talking
– Listen fully to what is being said

1. Pair up; seat yourselves across from each other
2. Turn off cell phones / turn on vibrate
3. One person is the “talker”; the other is the “listener”
4. “Talker” speaks on a subject that needs no preparation
5. “Listener” listens; does not talk/interject/interrupt
6. Communication by facial expression is OK
7. After 3 min., “talker” stops
8. “Listener” pauses, reflects on what was said, and asks one question
9. “Talker” replies
10. Debrief: What was that like for each?
11. Trade places and repeat

Note: In actual situations, there may be times when the “listener” talks. The prohibition on the “listener” talking in this exercise gives them a chance to practice silence.

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